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3 Things You Didn’t Know & What’s New in Approva?

If you own the Approva technology, do you know how to fully exploit it to drive the business improvements you are targeting?


Today’s management is under increasing demand to provide better visibility and control over financial business process and results. As control and assurance require ever more sophisticated tools and techniques, data analytics and controls intelligence for the Finance, Risk and IS functions have become critical capabilities. These ensure that financially relevant processes are operating as designed and in compliance with organisational governance and audit requirements.

Infor Approva Continuous Monitoring (formerly Approva One & Bizrights) addresses contemporary control and assurance requirements. The solution has been enhanced to deliver improved analysis and performance capabilities that you may not be aware of. 



Listen to this 45 minute discussion to find out what’s new in Infor Approva for risk and compliance and explore innovative ways of driving progress in process standardisation, transparency, efficiency and control. Meet our panel of experts consisting of: Pam Gallahar (Principal Solutions Engineer, Infor), Steve Rooney (Practice Leader and Managing Consultant, Consider Solutions) and Dan French (CEO, Consider Solutions) as they share best practices in exploiting Approva for the effective management of Segregation of Duties, User Access Controls, Process Controls, Transactions Monitoring and Automated Control Reviews.



  • High impact capabilities of the latest Approva versions
  • Best practices, use-cases and lessons learned with Approva
  • Tips for the GRC journey with Approva to maximise the return
  • 3 insights that you did not know about Approva