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Webcast: How Will Artificial Intelligence Transform Source to Pay/Purchase to Pay?

AI is already impacting our lives in many ways and is now even saving lives.

Our research has applied the same AI Machine Learning techniques to the Source to Pay process from supplier sourcing through to ordering, fulfilment and accounts payable.

We now have many ways to automate mundane, repetitive tasks. However, the big prize on the horizon is to dramatically improve the efficiency, effectiveness and value created by the end to end process.

In this webcast we will discuss;

• The key performance measures for the Source to Pay, Purchase to Pay cycles
• How AI can change expectations of what is possible
• New perspectives on performance improvement from supplier management, through purchasing to payment
• How these techniques improve working capital
• Where some of the ‘helpful’ technology is making things worse
• What the future may hold
• Pragmatic steps to drive more value from your process today
• Q&A with our experts

Join us on May 17th to gain actionable performance enhancing insight.

This educational webcast is aimed at Finance, Transformation, Sourcing, Procurement and Shared Services Leaders, Source to Pay, Purchase to Pay process owners and service owners.

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