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Webcast: 7 Principles & Practices for Successful Source to Pay Transformation


Despite the success stories, there is growing list of major organizations that have experienced failed or stalled Transformation programs.

Building on his experience as the Purchase to Pay Global Process Owner at BP and subsequent roles in major global corporates, Mark Miles shares his experiences, observations, recommendations and best practices developed in the “school of hard knocks” in driving transformational change in the end to end Source to Pay process.

Mark’s unique perspectives also stem from his operational and management experience in both finance and procurement.

Mark addresses stakeholder management and governance challenges, technology adoption expectations, the skills required, the human factors that can ‘make or break’ ’as well as what’s involved in ‘winning hearts and minds’ for change, which as we know, is not our natural habitat as a species!

He will share specific stories and anecdotes together with the lessons he has drawn from these situations, and how he applies them in practice today.

Join us at 3pm GMT on Tuesday 9th April for explore what to avoid as well as “what must go right”!

We look forward to having you joining us but if you are unable to attend the live session, please register as normal and you will receive a copy of the recording post-event.

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Mark Miles

Mark has a wealth of experience in Source/Purchase to Pay built up during a 38 year career at BP and subsequently consulting on a number of transformation projects at other major Energy companies. He ‘grew up’ in Finance starting in Accounts Payable and progressed through an array of roles both in the UK and the US eventually landing in Procurement as a Global Process Owner for P2P. He now works as a trusted advisor on P2P/S2P Transformation at a number of global businesses. Mark is a strong proponent of the value of process simplification and standardisation having demonstrated early recognition of the power of end to end process reviews working collaboratively across businesses and functions. He truly is, an expert in the field.

Dan French

Dan French is Founder and CEO of Consider Solutions with a background of 25 years providing advice, analytics and insight, best practice implementation and technology integration to businesses around the world. Dan has a background of in general management, consulting, performance improvement, risk & compliance, process change and technology.Though based in London, he spends a lot of time travelling around the world for global clients and partners. For recreation, he enjoys skiing, playing blues guitar and red wine though, for safety reasons, not all at the same time.