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7 Steps to Data Driven Business Processes

That extraneous noise you hear is the “resource suck” dedicated to identifying, generating, manipulating and interpreting data for effective decision making in your global business processes. Our focus should be on high fidelity data insights driving effective decision making and performance management.

“Data is the new oil” is one of those deceptively simple mantras for the modern business. But this is not a good analogy. Business leaders and process owners need data insights as the fuel for progress, performance and innovation but we do not want or need to be knee deep in sludge and spanners on the drilling rig.

The amount of data available is staggering.  Even the most routine processes can produce an unmanageable amount of data to sift through and analyze. And that’s before we even consider “BIG data”…  Even supposedly “simple” KPIs can be a minefield, comparing apples with apples and ensuring consistent performance management.

We need to optimize the “signal to noise” ratio so that we get clarity, precision and confidence from the insights that we need to drive the business.

How can you filter through the noise to uncover the true signals necessary to effectively operate and optimize your business, function, or process?

Data science has been getting all the press as the sexy new role, over the past couple of years. There is no doubt that data science is an important discipline, just as an oil rig engineer is a critical role. But we may be missing the point?

The curator and champion of global business processes is moving to the Global Business Services leadership in a growing number of organizations. These GBS leaders see the need for “Business Scientists” to exploit the insights generated by data scientists and the technologies they develop.

Join Steve Fox, Head of Global Business Services and Process Excellence champion and Dan French, Founder & CEO at Consider Solutions as they explore the challenges in harnessing data for maximum benefit and some of the best practices that current and aspiring GBS Leaders are looking to exploit.

Join us on the 17th September as we discuss getting the most value out of your data, saving resources, time and taking meaningful action based on the best data.

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