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Online Masterclass: Global Business Services; Where Next?

The next generation of automation with RPA is well underway. We have heard great case studies as well as reports of serious challenges. However, RPA is just a tool in the toolkit and sometimes when all you have is a hammer in your hand, everything looks like a nail!

Join our experts to explore some of the lessons learned in applying RPA and discuss the more profound question of “Where Do Shared Services Go From Here?”
This online Masterclass will help you understand that technology is a powerful weapon, and we need to understand how to use the wider set of tools available to us to drive both efficiency gains and enhanced effectiveness

Join us on the 17th October as we partner up with SharedServicesLink to discuss:

• RPA as an enabler- The Buzz & The Reality
• The ‘Bad, Worse, Faster” conundrum
• The other ‘emerging technologies”, and what they mean for you
• Automation vs Insight – Efficiency vs Effectiveness
• Metrics Matter but KPIs don’t tell the whole story
• Getting ‘Ready to Robot’ effectively and finding the balance

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